Sachidananda Farms

There is no universal rule which implies stating that only when a group comes together a revolution takes place, instead revolutions start with the right ideology wherein one cares more to give back to the ecosystem than take for himself.

Dr. Arjun Sachidanand is one such visionary who solely believed in creating a agro green revolution by imbibing traditional agricultural procedures with modern innovative techniques to derive the best Natural , non-pesticide , nutritious yield and effectively increase the soil productivity so that more and more Herbal , Natural yields are produced.

Sachidananda Farms is situated in Badanavalu , near Nanjangud town , a remote village having a population of not more than 4000 people and having moderate cultivation climate. Dr. Arjun envisaged the trend prevailing, adapted to new agro technological advancements and derived the best harvest which is being considered as a role model to other agricultural enthusiasts.