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Sudhanand Arogya Vahini

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit and made it nearly impossible for people to even to hospitals for routine check-ups and tests, Dr. M. D. Sachidananda Murthy Memorial Educational Trust® in association with SAS Poorna Arogya Health Care and Dr. M. D. Sachidananda Murthy Memorial Hospitals came up with an idea for a vehicle - “Sudhanand Arogya Vahini”,which could go door-to-door and conduct various laboratory tests pertaining to patients' existing conditions as well as provide a means of getting them in touch via Telemedicine with a doctor who could give them sound medical advice, thereby preventing them from coming in contact with potential sources of infection visiting hospitals, diagnostic centers, etc..

SAVs are equipped with a Haematology Analyzer, Biochemical Analyzer, ECG Machine, Sphygmomanometer and Pulse Oximeter. They also consist of a sink, soap dispenser, cupboards, BMW waste bins, chairs, along with having dual power and water supply. One of the main components of this vehicle is a “Tele-Communication Kiosk”, which consists of a computer that forms a 'doctor-patient' interface, and a printer which is used to deliver reports of laboratory tests to the patients. Lab reports are also delivered to the patients' registered mobile numbers in view of maintaining confidentiality and conserving paper

These vehicles are manned by trained nurses, lab technicians and drivers. The nurse collects details of the patient and logs it. She/he will determine the symptoms and is able to prescribe relevant tests for which the lab technician collects the appropriate samples and runs the tests. For example, if a patient is diabetic with kidney problems, the nurse will prescribe a blood sugar analysis (FBS/PPBS/RBS/HbA1c) and renal function tests (blood urea, serum creatinine, uric acid). An ECG may also be done if there is a history of cardiac disease. Also, the nurse is able to diagnose/order appropriate tests for people who have no history of pre-existing disease but have symptoms. This data will help in detecting new cases in the population at an early stage, thereby halting the severity of diseases which could otherwise become life threatening in the current scenario.

The idea of the Tele Communication Kiosk was perceived bearing in mind the psyche of the population, as people are more satisfied after discussing their symptoms/disease with a doctor. The lab reports of patients whose samples are collected are relayed in real time to a doctor situated at Dr. M. D. Sachidananda Murthy Memorial Hospitals and are reviewed by him/her. Further advice regarding any other tests to be conducted or a treatment protocol to be followed is advised to the patient via the communication desk. A report of the investigations that were carried out is provided to the patient at the door step for future reference. The main impact is that the kiosk prevents patients from visiting hospitals, in turn preventing exposure to potential sources of infection and saving travel costs especially in the rural regions.

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