Currently, our pharmacies include –

Sudhanand Pharmacies Pvt. Ltd.

This company was established by Sudhanand Group in early 2023 to consolidate all the pharmacies owned by us into one specific entity, and to make our mark as we ventured into the Drug Manufacturing and White Labeling space.

Sudhanand Health Care Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Sudhanand Pharmacies Pvt. Ltd. go hand-in-hand, in the sense that all of Dr. M. D. Sachidananda Murthy Memorial Hospitals house their own pharmacies to support our patients’ medicine requirements.

Sudha Drug House

Sudha Drug House is a Sudhanand Pharmacies Pvt Ltd, catering to Disha Hospital situated at Gandhinagar, Mysore. Sudha Drug House is a highly regarded pharmacy which speaks to its commitment to providing authentic and reasonably priced medication round the clock. The 24-hour pharmacy is designed to ensure customers' convenience, while the customer care is available at any time of the day.

Sudha Drug House comprises a wide array of products in various categories such as Vitamins and Supplements, baby care, personal care, health and nutritional foods. In addition Sudha Drug House has an Extensive Product list which is affordable and quality inclusive.

Sudha Chemist

Sudha Chemist is one more add on Pharmacy outlet at our Kaveri Hospital, Kushalnagar. Sudha Chemist services not only the Patients at the Hospitals but also serves to the nearby geographical population for their day to day medical needs.

Sudha Chemist is a 24/7 Pharmacy ensuring affordable healthcare needs with a diligent gambit of quality products ensuring the wellness factor.

Sudha Medicals

Sudha Medicals imbibes a vast variety of Healthcare Medicines and since its completely stocked with best medicines available round the clock, it has been pivotal in serving the rural and urban population at Bettadapura.

Sudha Medicals ensures higher efficacy in Medicine Products spectrum catered with affordable rates to ensure the health needs of the ecosystem are balanced and human point of wellbeing is served.

Sudha Pharma

Sudha Pharma is geographical located at Chinakurali and is 24/7 operational catering to the medical needs of the rural and urban population.

Sudha Pharma aims at serving the needy at affordable rates with a mammoth range of medical products which are present under one roof.